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Take One Picture

Past exhibitions

Browse the paintings which have previously featured in Take One Picture and see some of the works they've inspired

Each year the National Gallery encourages primary school teachers and children to focus on one painting from the collection and respond creatively to its themes and subject matter, historical context, or composition. 

An exhibition of works produced by schools based on the painting is shown at the Gallery every year, forming our annual Take One Picture exhibition. 

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Read about previous exhibitions here: 


Schools responded to The Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello
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Schools responded to Men of the Docks by George Bellows
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Schools responded to An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump by Joseph Wright 'of Derby'
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Schools responded to Penelope with the Suitors by Pintoricchio
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Schools responded to A Roman Triumph by Peter Paul Rubens 
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Schools responded to Mr and Mrs Andrews by Thomas Gainsborough
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Schools responded to Saint Michael Triumphs over the Devil by Bartolomé Bermejo
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Schools responded to Bathers at Asnières by Georges Seurat
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Schools responded to Still Life with Drinking-Horn by Willem Kalf
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Schools responded to The Family of Darius before Alexander by Paolo Veronese
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Schools responded to Tobias and the Angel by the workshop of Andrea del Verrocchio
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Schools responded to The Umbrellas by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
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Schools responded to The Fighting Temeraire by JMW Turner
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Schools responded to A View of Het Steen in the Early Morning by Peter Paul Rubens
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