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Why does this man appear twice in the same painting?

and what does this tell us about miracles?

Dr Ayla Lepine, The Howard and Roberta Ahmanson Fellow in Art and Religion, explains something we may not have even noticed in this picture - a man who appears twice.

The art of fashion

From the London catwalk to the ballrooms of Bridgerton, see how fine art has inspired high fashion

Picture of the month

May 2022: Bathers at Asnières

Christina Bradstreet explores the theme of loneliness in Seurat’s ‘Bathers at Asnières’ for Mental Health Awareness Week

Behind the scenes in Conservation

A sky of 500-year-old fingerprints

Larry Keith retouches a recently repaired panel painting by Piero di Cosimo, and reveals the marks this Renaissance artist left in his work

Why does this lady have a fly on her head?

and what can this tell us about the tricks artists play?

Dr Francesca Whitlum-Cooper, The Myojin-Nadar Associate Curator of Paintings 1600–1800, investigates the unusual addition to 'Portrait of a Women from the Hofer Family'.

Unexpected views

Tom Lovelace on Georges Seurat's ' Bathers at Asnières'

Artist Tom Lovelace discusses his continuing affinity with Seurat's 'Bathers at  Asnières', the inspiration for his reflective performance 'Bathers' at the Gallery.

Curator's introduction

Gainsborough's Blue Boy

Christine Riding, the Jacob Rothschild Head of the Curatorial Department, introduces the exhibition in this recorded live talk

Picture of the month

April 2022: The Avenue, Sydenham

Fiona Alderton imagines walking through this spring scene by Pissarro – as voted for by you

Behind the scenes in Conservation

Cleaning Constable's 'The Hay Wain'

Paul Ackroyd reveals some of 'The Hay Wain's' hidden details which have been brought to life through cleaning

Artist's introduction

Kehinde Wiley at the National Gallery: The Prelude

Kehinde Wiley introduces his exhibition at the Gallery and explains why he thinks 'paintings have to punch you in the gut'

Four women who helped shape art history

Maria Alambritis and Imogen Tedbury shine a light on some of the lesser-known women who played a crucial role in Renaissance and Early Modern artists’ studios

Behind the scenes in Conservation

Cleaning Reynolds' 'Captain Robert Orme'

Hayley Tomlinson reveals why paintings by Reynolds are notoriously difficult to clean

Picture of the month

March 2022: The Garvagh Madonna

For Women's History Month, Professor Hilary Fraser looks at Raphael’s tender portrait of the Madonna and Child with John the Baptist

Jim Broadbent meets 'The Duke of Wellington'

Actor Jim Broadbent meets the co-star of his new film 'The Duke' for the first time

The Linbury Lecture 2021

Joseph Koerner: Dürer's mobility

American art historian and filmmaker Joseph Koerner gives the 2021 Linbury Lecture on the occasion of The Credit Suisse Exhibition: 'Dürer's Journeys'

Curator's introduction

Kehinde Wiley at the National Gallery: The Prelude

Christine Riding, the Jacob Rothschild Head of the Curatorial Department, introduces the exhibition in this recorded live talk

Picture of the month

February 2022: The Blue Boy

Art historian Dan Vo looks at the queer history of Gainsborough's ‘Blue Boy’ for LGBTQ+ History Month

Behind the scenes in Conservation

Displaying 'The Red Boy'

Follow the newly-cleaned 'Red Boy's' journey from the Conservation Studio to the Gallery walls

Why is Gainsborough's 'Blue Boy' so famous?

100 years after leaving the UK, find out why 'The Blue Boy' remains one of the nation's favourites

Picture of the month

January 2022: Men of the Docks

We start the year with George Bellows's icy scene of New York dockworkers

10-minute talks

Tiepolo's 'Allegory with Venus and Time'

Letizia Treves, James and Sarah Sassoon Curator of Later 17th-Century Paintings looks up at Tiepolo's colourful ceiling painting

Unexpected views

Zadie Xa and Benito Mayor Vallejo on Poussin's 'Adoration of the Golden Calf'

Contemporary artists Zadie Xa and Benito Mayor Vallejo discuss one of Poussin's greatest works with curator Priyesh Mistry

Behind the scenes in Conservation

Restoring Piero della Francesca's 'Nativity'

Caroline Campbell and Jill Dunkerton discuss the conservation of Piero della Francesca's miraculous Christmas scene

What can one colour tell us about a painting?

Our Conservation Fellow, Kendall Francis takes a closer look at indigo, a blue dye and pigment extracted from the leaves of plants, and how it is used and represented in paintings in our collection.
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Behind the scenes

Find out what happens behind closed doors in this series of films that look at how we care for and conserve our paintings.

Go behind the scenes in Conservation.

Dance to the Music of Our Time

Watch performances by contemporary artists exploring the power of storytelling through dance and movement

Watch recordings of the performances

Women artists in the collection

Trailblazers and rule-breakers; discover some of the female artists in the collection including Artemisia Gentileschi, Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun and Rosa Bonheur.

Learn more about women in the collection.

'Flowers in a Terracotta Vase'

Jan van Huysum's 'Flowers in a Terracotta Vase' travelled across the UK to a series of unexpected locations, including a food bank, walled garden and covered market. See how people responded to the painting in our short films. 

Watch our 'Flowers in a Terracotta Vase' series.  

One painting, many voices

From recreating 'Mr and Mrs Andrews' for a wedding invitation to adapting a Titian for the cover of a top-selling album, find out how one painting can mean very different things to different people.

Discover one painting, many voices.

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A curated look

Short talks from our curators, filmed from their homes for you to enjoy in yours.

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Let go of thoughts of the past and worries for the future with a mindful look at one painting.

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