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Vasari's 'Allegory of Patience'
Matthias Wivel, Aud Jepsen Curator of 16th-Century Italian Paintings, tells us all about Vasari and his painting of a long-suffering statuesque virtue.
November 2021: The Four Times of Day: Evening
A hushed scene from the landscapes of Corot's memory
Murillo's 'Self Portrait'
CEEH Curatorial Fellow in Spanish Paintings Daniel Sobrino Ralston goes behind the frame
Cleaning 150-year-old varnish from a Frans Hals portrait
Paul Ackroyd cleans a portrait that has not been restored since 1876
Hanna Tuulikki on Piero del Pollaiuolo's 'Apollo and Daphne'
Hanna shares some new and unconventional ways of looking at and interpreting the subject of this small but powerful painting.
Our current Artist in Residence talks to us about making headway in his project
October 2021: Peace and War
Who will win? Minerva or Mars? Wisdom or war?
Botticelli's 'Portrait of a Young Man'
Laura Llewellyn, Associate Curator of Renaissance Paintings, asks the question, is this anonymous person someone Botticelli knew or perhaps only imagined?
Cécile B. Evans on Salvator Rosa's 'Witches at their Incantations'
Evans draws a comparison between the themes of their own work and those of Salvator Rosa with curator Daniel Herrmann
A first look at 'The Red Boy'
Paul Ackroyd introduces Lawrence's 'Red Boy' – a work so popular it was the first-ever painting to feature on a British postage stamp
September 2021: The Horse Fair
At a time when we would have been celebrating Pride in London, we look at the work of trailblazing artist Rosa Bonheur
Cleaning the 'lost altarpiece'
Britta New and Nelly von Aderkas discuss the cleaning of a Renaissance altarpiece that was hidden in an Italian wood store for many years
Jan van Eyck's 'Portrait of a Man (Self Portrait?)
Join Emma Capron as she wonders whether we can take this portrait at face value
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Jan van Huysum Visits

Earlier this year, Jan van Huysum's 'Flowers in a Terracotta Vase' travelled across the UK. Learn about the tour and watch our short films exploring the painting from different perspectives. 

Watch our 'Flowers in a Terracotta Vase' series.  

Behind the scenes

Find out what happens behind closed doors in this series of films that look at how we care for and conserve our paintings.

Go behind the scenes in Conservation.

One painting, many voices

From recreating 'Mr and Mrs Andrews' for a wedding invitation to adapting a Titian for the cover of a top-selling album, find out how one painting can mean very different things to different people.

Discover one painting, many voices.

Women artists in the collection

Trailblazers and rule-breakers; discover some of the female artists in the collection including Artemisia Gentileschi, Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun and Rosa Bonheur.

Learn more about women in the collection.

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Short talks from our curators, filmed from their homes for you to enjoy in yours.

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5-minute meditation

Let go of thoughts of the past and worries for the future with a mindful look at one painting.

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