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Past exhibition

12 June – 22 September 2013

Admission free
Location: Annenberg Court

Take One Picture is the National Gallery’s flagship project for primary schools. The works in this display demonstrate the innovative ways in which schools have responded to Willem Kalf’s Still Life with Drinking-Horn

This year’s display will feature a wide range of responses to Kalf’s work, including artwork in a range of media, digital animation, dance and opera.

Visitors who dare can experience the painting through touch, placing their hands inside a tactile, three-dimensional recreation of the painting.

About Take One Picture

Each year teachers and pupils are invited to use a painting from the collection as a creative catalyst for learning across the curriculum. This year’s painting, Willem Kalf’s ‘Still Life with Drinking-Horn’ (about 1653), has been the focus for hundreds of school communities.

About the painting

Willem Kalf’s painting shows a collection of objects chosen for their magnificent colour and texture. A contemporary viewer would have recognised the objects as expensive luxury items that only the wealthy would have been able to afford. The drinking-horn, which still survives, was made of a single buffalo horn set into a silver mount. It features Saint Sebastian, patron saint of archers, who was bound to a tree as a target for two Roman soldiers. The horn suggests that the painting may have been commissioned by a member of the Amsterdam archers' guild.

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Take One Picture is generously supported by The Dorset Foundation and by The Tavalozza Foundation