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Past exhibition

9 May – 16 September 2012

Admission free

Primary School Children Inspired by Veronese

Take One Picture is the National Gallery’s innovative project for primary schools. The works in this display demonstrate the inventive ways in which schools have responded to Paolo Veronese’s Family of Darius before Alexander.

This year’s display will feature a wide range of responses to Veronese’s work, including oral storytelling, three-dimensional art, textiles and digital animation. A recreation of an artist’s studio is also part of the show, complete with easel and wicker chest with costumes, which will be open for visitors during programmed events.

About Take One Picture

Each year teachers and pupils are invited to use a painting from the collection as a creative catalyst for learning across the curriculum. This year’s painting Paolo Veronese’s ‘Family of Darius before Alexander’, made in 1565-7, has been the focus for hundreds of school communities.

About the painting 

Veronese’s ‘Family of Darius before Alexander’ is one of the largest pictures in the National Gallery’s collection.  It shows the family of King Darius III of Persia kneeling before Alexander the Great just after his victory at the Battle of Issus in 333BC. Following Darius’s exile, his family has come to ask mercy from Alexander and his invading army.

Veronese was one of the leading painters in Venice in the 16th century, renowned for his decorative colour and brilliant illusionistic effects.

Take One Picture is generously supported by The Dorset Foundation and by The Tavalozza Foundation