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Alexander Douglas-Hamilton, 10th Duke of Hamilton

1767 - 1852

This person is the subject of ongoing research. We have started by researching their relationship to the enslavement of people.

Biographical notes

Scottish politician, diplomat and art collector.

Slavery connections

He married in 1810 Susan Beckford, daughter of William Thomas Beckford (q.v.), from whom she inherited an immense fortune based on Jamaican sugar estates. (UCL Department of History (ed.), Legacies of British Slave-Ownership: Scotland and Slavery [1] [online], n.d., <> accessed 4 August 2021.)

Dr Stephen Mullen and Prof. Simon Newman state that ‘Whilst it is unlikely (but not impossible) the Hamiltons profited economically from New World slavery, it is almost certain they were owners of an enslaved page boy resident in their landed home … The family’s overall economic profiteering from slavery cannot be revealed without deep investigation of the archive holdings held in the National Records of Scotland’. (Stephen Mullen and Simon Newman, Slavery Abolition and the University of Glasgow: report and recommendations of the University of Glasgow History of Slavery Steering Committee [online], September 2018, <> accessed 4 August 2021, 75.)

Abolition connections

No known connections with abolition.

National Gallery painting connections

Former owner: NG bought from the Hamilton sale, 1882: NG1120-1129.


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