Room 63

The Netherlands in Europe 1450-1500

Dirk Bouts in Louvain and Hans Memling in Bruges were painters with an international clientele. Bouts’s pictures are notable for the expressive poses of their protagonists while Memling’s world is more serene. Both artists however are remarkable for their acute and influential observation of landscape and light effects. Religious works by Bouts were sometimes sent to Italy painted on canvas, which was more portable than the customary wood panel. Memling too had Italian buyers and his paintings were also bought by at least one British client.

Such was the popularity of their works that Netherlandish artists found employment away from home, at the court of Urbino in Italy and for Queen Isabella of Spain. Moreover, artists all over Europe were trained in the Netherlandish use of oil paint. In this room, the Master of Saint Giles and Simon Marmion, who both worked in France, and the Spaniard, Bartolomé Bermejo, represent such painters.

Paintings in this room

Dirk Bouts: 'The Entombment'
The Entombment
Dirk Bouts
Workshop of Dirk Bouts: 'The Virgin and Child'
The Virgin and Child
Workshop of Dirk Bouts
English or French (?), The Wilton Diptych
The Wilton Diptych
English or French (?)
Geertgen tot Sint Jans: 'The Nativity at Night'
The Nativity at Night
Geertgen tot Sint Jans
Follower of Hugo van der Goes: 'Virgin and Child'
Virgin and Child
Follower of Hugo van der Goes
After Hugo van der Goes: 'The Death of the Virgin'
The Death of the Virgin
After Hugo van der Goes
Justus of Ghent and workshop: 'Music'
Justus of Ghent and workshop
Justus of Ghent and workshop, 'Rhetoric'
Justus of Ghent and workshop
Follower of Simon Marmion: 'Saint Clement and a Donor'
Saint Clement and a Donor
Follower of Simon Marmion
Master of Saint Giles: 'Saint Giles and the Hind'
Saint Giles and the Deer
Master of Saint Giles
Master of Saint Giles: 'The Mass of Saint Giles'
The Mass of Saint Giles
Master of Saint Giles
Master of the View of St Gudula: 'Portrait of a Young Man'
Portrait of a Young Man
Master of the View of St Gudula
Hans Memling: 'Saint Lawrence'
Saint Lawrence
Hans Memling
Hans Memling: 'Virgin and Child'
Virgin and Child
Hans Memling