George Salting

George Salting was born in Australia on 15 August 1835. He was an avid collector of the fine and decorative arts and continued collecting right up until his death in 1909.

Educated at Eton and the University of Sydney, Salting inherited a sizeable fortune on the death of his father and settled in London.

In addition to three works given during his lifetime, Salting bequeathed 192 paintings to the National Gallery (31 of which have since been transferred to the Tate in its role as the national collection of British art). There were also major bequests to the British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Selected works from the Salting Bequest

Théodore Rousseau: 'Sunset in the Auvergne'
Sunset in the Auvergne
Théodore Rousseau
Francesco Francia, Bartolomeo Bianchini, perhaps about 1485-1500
Bartolomeo Bianchini
Francesco Francia
Sebastiano del Piombo: 'The Daughter of Herodias'
Sebastiano del Piombo