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Dirk Bouts

1400? - 1475

Bouts was probably born in Haarlem in the northern Netherlands. He was strongly influenced by Rogier van der Weyden and was chiefly active in Louvain, not far from Brussels; his two sons Dirk the Younger and Aelbrecht also worked there.

The earliest dated work by the artist is the National Gallery's 'Portrait of a Man', of 1462. Two large-scale works are documented as by Bouts, the triptych of the Last Supper (Cathedral, Louvain), of 1465 to about 1468, and two secular panels of the Justice of Otto at Brussels (Musées Royaux), one of them left unfinished at his death.

His earlier style is illustrated by 'The Entombment' in the Collection, and the paintings to which it is related. 'The Entombment' is one of the very rare surviving examples of paintings on linen.