Portrait of George Gage with Two Attendants

The central figure has been identified as George Gage (about 1582 - 1638) whose family arms (a saltire and sun in splendour) entwined with the family crest (a ram's head) are on the sculpted pedestal (bottom right). Gage was a diplomat and an agent in Italy and the Netherlands for the great English collectors of the early 17th century. He is shown here being offered a piece of sculpture.

The portrait was painted in Italy, probably in the summer of 1622 or 1623, when both the artist and the sitter were in Rome.

Key facts

Artist dates
1599 - 1641
Full title
Portrait of George Gage with Two Attendants
Date made
probably 1622-3
Medium and support
Oil on canvas
115 x 113.5 cm
Acquisition credit
Bought, 1824
Inventory number
Location in Gallery