Portrait of Cornelis van der Geest

Cornelis van der Geest (1555 - 1638) was a successful Antwerp spice merchant, an important patron of the arts and a collector. The portrait was probably painted in about 1615-20, shortly before Van Dyck travelled to England for the first time. At a later date (before 1637) the portrait was enlarged; originally only the head and shoulders of van der Geest were visible, in a simulated, oval, porphyry surround.

This portrait is one of the most animated and effective portraits of Van Dyck's early years in Antwerp.

Key facts

Artist dates
1599 - 1641
Full title
Portrait of Cornelis van der Geest
Date made
about 1620
Medium and support
Oil on oak
37.5 x 32.5 cm
Acquisition credit
Bought, 1824
Inventory number
Location in Gallery