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Attributed to Andrea Previtali: 'Scenes from Tebaldeo's Eclogues: The Story of Damon'
This painting is part of the group: Scenes from Tebaldeo's Eclogues

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The Arcadian story of the shepherd Damon, who commits suicide because of his unrequited love for Amaryllis, is from the 'Eclogues' of the Ferrarese poet Antonio Tebaldeo, published in Venice in 1502. The paintings are possibly decorations for an item of furniture.

This panel shows episode 1: 'Damon broods on his Unrequited Love', and episode 3: 'Damon takes his Life'. The second panel shows episode 2: 'Thyrsis asks Damon the Cause of his Sorrow', and episode 4: 'Thyrsis finds the Body of Damon'.

The paintings were acquired amidst much controversy as works by Giorgione.

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