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The Keeper of Paintings

Step into a hidden world of art and magic at the National Gallery.

An immersive experience for children 7–11  

For as long as there have been humans, there have been Keepers – immortal, magical beings who exist just outside the normal realms of time and space. Their role is to be caretakers and custodians of our world and the most wondrous things in it.

The Keeper of Paintings is one such being, guardian of the National Gallery’s collection, tasked with using their powers to preserve the magical essence of art and culture through the ages, for every generation.

Joined by their trusty cat sidekick, Claws Monet, the Keeper wields the magic contained within five gems on their Palette of Perception to keep the collection safe.

Unfortunately, even the Keeper can’t always stop things from going wrong, and they often find themselves in need of help from young Keepers-in-training.

There are three experiences to enjoy with the Keeper of Paintings, so be sure to check them out before, during and after your visit to the Gallery! 

Experiences to enjoy

The Keeper of Paintings and the Palette of Perception

Silly Claws Monet has knocked off the Keeper’s magical brooch. Its gems are all over the Gallery! Find the gems as you explore some of the world’s greatest paintings in this immersive adventure.

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The Keeper of Paintings and the Mischievous Masterpieces

Fragments from paintings have run off all over the UK! Tempt them back to the Keeper’s care by making your own artistic masterpieces in augmented reality.

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The Keeper Council

Visit the Keepers where they live! Meet the Keeper of Paintings and all their other Keeper friends, doing puzzles and obstacle courses as you create a gallery of your very own in this Roblox adventure.

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