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The Keeper of Paintings and the Mischievous Masterpieces

A mobile based immersive adventure that encourages children to create their own digital artwork inspired by some of the most famous National Gallery masterpieces

Fragments of paintings have escaped from the National Gallery, and hitched a ride on the Art Road Trip!

The Keeper of Paintings needs your creativity and cunning to lure the missing fragments out of hiding so they can be safely reunited with their masterpieces back at the Gallery!

Are you up to the challenge?!

Suitable for ages 7+. Mischievous Masterpieces can be played from anywhere. Parental/Guardian supervision is recommended at all times.

Download the free app on your phone or tablet.

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This experience asks users to create digital artworks, to read more about how these will be used, please review the terms & conditions.

You can read the privacy notices here.

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