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Donate in memory

A gift to the National Gallery can be a wonderful way to honour and remember a dear friend or relative. It can help the memory of your loved one live on whilst supporting a cause that they cared about.

Margaret and Chris Smart made a donation in memory of their son, David Christopher Macklin Smart (1971–78). This is their story:

David Smart
David Christopher Macklin Smart

"We wished to make this gift to the National Gallery in memory of our son, David Christopher Macklin Smart.

"When we decided to make the donation, it was because we have always loved the paintings, of which there are so many, covering such a long period. We feel very privileged to have such a wonderful gallery so accessible and free to all, and are grateful that we are in a position to donate, so that our gift will continue to enable the Gallery to give as much enjoyment and education to others as it has to us.

"My husband and I recently decided to commission a new memorial stone for David, which better reflected his personality than the somewhat impersonal one we had. We asked the friends who knew him to contribute their memories of him, and we put the most used words about him on the new stone, which were:
'A gentle, thoughtful boy with a lovely smile and an infectious laugh.' We also had carved into the stone an outline of his teddy, his interests, and his signature. 

"It also gives us great pleasure that David's name will be recorded here. In that way he lives on because it not only perpetuates his name but also raises money for a very excellent institution, which gives so much pleasure to so many people.

"The National Gallery is one of our favourite places and it is a place we are sure David would have enjoyed too."

Margaret and Chris’s gift in memory of their son David will help ensure the collection for future generations and support the Gallery’s education programme for children and adults of all ages and from all walks of life.

Thank you Margaret and Chris.

If you would like to make a gift in memory of a loved one, please contact Georgina Barry in the Development Office via