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Virtual tours of the National Gallery

Wherever you are in the world, take a tour of the National Gallery.

Our virtual tours allow you to step inside the Gallery and explore one of the greatest collections of paintings, from the comfort of your home.

Experience the Gallery in virtual reality through your desktop, phone or VR headset.

The Director's Choice virtual exhibition

Visit a virtual space showing a selection of paintings chosen and narrated by our Director, Dr Gabriele Finaldi.

Take the Director's tour

Virtual reality tour of the Sainsbury Wing

Use your desktop, mobile, tablet or VR headset to explore our Early Renaissance paintings

Take the Sainsbury Wing tour

'Sensing the Unseen: Step into Gossaert’s ‘Adoration’, mobile edition'

Immerse yourself in the world of Gossaert’s masterpiece and its awe-inspiring intricate detail.

Step into Gossaert's 'Adoration'

Google virtual tour

Take a tour of some of our Renaissance masterpieces with Google

Take the tour

Search the whole collection
Come in and explore more than 2,600 paintings...