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Gossaert's 'The Adoration of the Kings'
Susan Foister looks at Gossaert's vibrant masterpiece
Christopher Riopelle takes a look at paintings of drinking and conviviality in the last of our curators talks from home
Close up
Letizia Treves takes a closer look at some of our smaller paintings on copper
Sarah Herring takes us to the seaside with paintings of the coast
Priyesh Mistry reflects on paintings that pay tribute to and commemorate loved ones
Joost Joustra decodes paintings of angels
Christine Riding shares images of compassion and generosity towards family, friends, neighbours and complete strangers
A day in the countryside
Lucy Chiswell brings the outside in, with a look at paintings of the outdoors
Working from home
Francesca Whitlum-Cooper peeks into paintings of people at home

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