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Heroine of Trafalgar: The Fighting Temeraire

  1. Heroine of Trafalgar
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  4. The Temeraire in battle
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The Temeraire in battle

The Temeraire was a 98-gun, three-decked ship of the line that had been launched in 1798, during the French Revolutionary War. Her name is a French word that means bold or fearless.

On 21 October 1805, under the command of Captain Eliab Harvey, she had a chance to live up to her name. The occasion was the Battle of Trafalgar. When Admiral Nelson's flagship HMS Victory came under heavy fire from the French, the Temeraire came to her defence.

Turner, 'The Fighting Temeraire', 1839

Turner, The Fighting Temeraire, 1839 

After a series of daring manoeuvres, she not only saved Nelson's vessel, but also captured two French ships. Nelson died, but the British won the battle. The part played by the Temeraire was commended as 'most noble and distinguished'.

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