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Artist name
Imitator of Raphael: 'Portrait of a Young Man'
Imitator of Raphael
early 16th and late 19th century
1483 - 1520
Italian, Florentine (?): 'Head of The Dying Alexander'
Italian, Florentine (?)
17th-18th century
After Correggio: 'The Agony in the Garden'
After Correggio
probably about 1640-1750
active 1494; died 1534
After Guido Reni: 'Head of Christ Crowned with Thorns'
After Guido Reni
1575 - 1642
Attributed to Abraham van Calraet: 'A Boy holding a Grey Horse'
Probably by Abraham van Calraet
probably 1670-1722
1642 - 1722
Follower of Rembrandt: 'A Seated Man with a Stick'
Follower of Rembrandt
perhaps 1675-1725
1606 - 1669
After Adriaen van Ostade: 'A Cobbler'
After Adriaen van Ostade
about 1680 - about 1720
1610 - 1685
After Rosalba Giovanna Carriera: 'Rosalba Carriera'
After Rosalba Carriera
18th century
1673 - 1757
Style of Giacomo Francesco Cipper: 'Head of a Man in Blue'
Style of Giacomo Francesco Cipper
probably 1700-50
active early 18th century
Style of Giacomo Francesco Cipper: 'Head of a Man in Red'
Style of Giacomo Francesco Cipper
probably 1700-50
active early 18th century
Image unavailable
Style of Giacomo Francesco Cipper
probably 1700-50
active early 18th century
Italian: 'A Female Figure resting on a Sword'
probably 18th century
Italian, North: 'The Interior of a Theatre'
Italian, North
probably 1700-50
Italian, Roman: 'Crane, Python and Lizard'
Italian, Roman
probably 18th century
Hendrik Frans van Lint: 'A Landscape with an Italian Hill Town'
Hendrik Frans van Lint
After Frans van Mieris the Elder: 'An Old Fiddler'
After Frans van Mieris the Elder
probably 18th century
Style of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo: 'A Young Man Drinking'
Style of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo
Imitator of Jean-Baptiste Pater: 'The Dance'
Imitator of Jean-Baptiste Pater
18th century
1695 - 1736
After Nicolas Poussin (?): 'The Holy Family with Saints Elizabeth and John'
After Nicolas Poussin (?)
18th century
1594 - 1665
Style of Salvator Rosa: 'A Coastal Scene'
Style of Salvator Rosa
probably 18th century
1615 - 1673
After Massimo Stanzione: 'Monks and Holy Women mourning over the Dead Christ'
After Massimo Stanzione
18th century or earlier
about 1585? - 1656
After Wallerant Vaillant: 'A Boy seated Drawing'
After Wallerant Vaillant
probably 1700-1800
1623 - 1677
After Adriaen de Vries: 'Girl Bathing'
After Adriaen de Vries
about 1700-50
about 1545 - 1626
After Jean-Antoine Watteau: 'Perfect Harmony'
After Jean-Antoine Watteau
18th century
1684 - 1721
1682 - 1749
Pieter Snijers: 'A Still Life'
Pieter Snijers
1681 - 1752
Giuseppe Maria Crespi: 'Saint Jerome in the Desert'
Giuseppe Maria Crespi
1665 - 1747
Style of Jan van Huysum: 'Flowers in a Stone Vase'
Style of Jan van Huysum
1682 - 1749
Rosalba Giovanna Carriera: 'Portrait of a Man'
Rosalba Carriera
1673 - 1757
1682 - 1749
Nicolas de Largillierre: 'Princess Rákóczi'
Nicolas de Largillierre
probably 1720
Hyacinthe Rigaud: 'Antoine Pâris'
Hyacinthe Rigaud
1659 - 1743
about 1725
1697 - 1768
after Jean-François Detroy
after 1725
1679 - 1752
Monogrammist I. S., 'Portrait of an Elderly Woman, looking left', mid-17th century
Monogrammist I. S.
mid-17th century
active 1633 - 1658
François Lemoyne, 'The Annunciation', 1727
François Lemoyne
1688 - 1737
Studio of Hyacinthe Rigaud: 'Cardinal Fleury'
Studio of Hyacinthe Rigaud
after 1728
1659 - 1743