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Analema Group comprises four artists: Evgenia Emets, Alain Renaud, David Negrao and Oliver Gingrich. They are based in London, Geneva and Lisbon. They are interested in the intersection of sound and vision.

They have set out to answer the question: How can we experience the harmony of colours used in paintings?

Introducing 'Kima: Colour in 360'

As the first artists in residence of National Gallery X (NGX), Analema Group set about exploring the harmony of colours used in some of our greatest masterpieces.

This exploration has resulted in, in the first instance, ‘Kima: Colour in 360’: three immersive, online experiences that use binaural sound and spatial 360 video to allow you to feel, hear and sense paintings; inviting you to rediscover colour at the Gallery and consider the artistic practices of some of the painters in the collection.

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Making of: 'Kima: Colour in 360'


Experience ‘Kima: Colour in 360’

Inspired by Jan Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait, Monet’s ‘Water Lilies, Setting Sun’ and Van Gogh’s ‘Wheatfield with Cypresses’, you are invited to explore colour palettes and composition as a multi-dimensional 3D sound and video experience on YouTube. 

There are three 360 videos. We recommend, for the best experience, that you interact with the video on your phone, using the YouTube app and wearing headphones. Don't forget to move your phone around to explore the video. 

What is National Gallery X? 

Working in partnership with King's College London, we are setting out to create the sorts of new museum experiences technology could make possible in ten years' time. The challenge for NGX is to create these experiences today.

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