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National Gallery X

What is the museum of the future? How might technology change and improve your experience?

National Gallery X (NGX) will answer these questions, and more.

Tomorrow's museum now

NGX is an ambitious project at the forefront of digital innovation. Working in partnership with King's College London and with a strong commitment to artistic, educational, and curatorial expertise at the National Gallery, NGX provides a space to explore new kinds of cultural experiences. 

NGX projects, commissions and residencies


A collaboration between Nesta and National Gallery X.

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Groupthink was a live performance directed by the heartbeats of its viewers.

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The AI Gallery

An art exhibition created with machine learning and other AI techniques.

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The Rules Do Not Apply

A micro-commission for artists and creatives who work with technology.

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Robotics Residency

How can we use robots to improve the visitor experience at the Gallery?

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Atelier Rococo

A virtual residency to produce a series of photographs influenced by the collection.

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An NGX residency with award-winning Augmented Reality studio, Playlines Limited.

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NGX events with Art in Flux

A series of online talks looking at the limitations, possibilities and future of technology for art.

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Analema Group at NGX

Analema Group investigates colour to create new, immersive, online experiences.

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Linked Lives

Revealing connections between two paintings in neighbouring London galleries.

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Latest news

Introduction to NGX

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We are certain that new technology, such as 5G, advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, will change the world in the next ten years, but how will they change the Gallery, as it enters its third century?

How can contemporary artists, thinkers and creatives use these technologies in their practice and how can they help us understand old masters in new ways? How can they create new ways to access, engage and experience the Gallery and its collection?

Through a partnership with King’s College London, we’ve opened a studio at the Gallery. The studio will provide a space for residencies and events where artists and creatives can explore experimental technologies as well as critical arts, humanities and social science research on culture and the (digital) creative industries, at King’s. This exploration into current King’s research will be combined with the art and audiences of the Gallery to form a unique vision of the museum of the future.