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Apocalypse, plague and the printing press

Dürer lived through extraordinary times; Martin Luther's radical challenge to the Catholic Church, the discovery of new continents, the spread of the printing press and, not least, widespread, collective anxiety due to the belief that the world would end before 1500.

Dürer's curiosity, combined with his great creativity meant that he was able to take advantage of what must have been exciting, if unsettling, times.

We set the scene

The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Dürer's Journeys
Travels of a Renaissance Artist
Find out more and book

Find out more

Who was Albrecht Dürer? We take a first look at the artist.
Location, location; find out why Nuremberg's character and position were so important for Dürer.
An introduction to printing techniques and a look into how Dürer took prints to a new level
'Why has God given me such magnificent talent?'
Vivid dreams, status anxiety, egocentricity and limitless curiosity laid bare in his own words.
Even if you don't know the name, chances are you've seen a reproduction of one of his prints. What is it about his work that has made it last?
Online exhibition catalogue supplement
Further essays relating to the exhibition.