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Revealing diaries and letters

Dürer's surviving personal correspondence and diary entries tell us a great deal about his journeys. Despite the hundreds of years that separate us, his diary entries, personal sketches and letters are full of incident and anecdote and give us a sense of his character, his intellect, even his sense of humour

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The Credit Suisse Exhibition: Dürer's Journeys
Travels of a Renaissance Artist
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Who was Albrecht Dürer? We take a first look at the artist.
During his lifetime Dürer witnessed some of European history's most significant milestones.
Location, location; find out why Nuremburg's character and position were so important for Dürer.
An introduction to printing techniques and a look into how Dürer took prints to a new level
Even if you don't know the name, chances are you've seen a reproduction of one of his prints. What is it about his work that has made it last?
Online exhibition catalogue supplement
Further essays relating to the exhibition.