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active 1490; died 1530

The artist's real name was Bartolomeo Suardi. The name Bramantino suggests he was associated with the architect Bramante, but the nature of this relationship is not known. A number of paintings attributed to him, including 'The Adoration of the Kings' in the Collection, have prominent architectural elements and carefully constructed perspective schemes. These could be associated with an architectural training.

Bramantino was active in Milan and recorded in Rome in 1508. In 1525 he was appointed painter and architect to Francesco Sforza II, ruler of Milan.

Leonardo da Vinci overwhelmingly influenced many local painters in Milan, but it appears that Bramantino was not one of them. Stylistically his works continue the tradition of the pre-Leonardesque Milanese painting of Butinone and Foppa. Bramantino's work also shows influences from further afield, notably that of Piero della Francesca and of Mantegna.