Room 40

Italy 1700-1800

Most of the pictures in this room are Venetian. During the 18th century, the Venetian republic underwent a second renaissance, when artists such as Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and Sebastiano Ricci returned to the bright colours and theatrical compositions of the 16th century.

Strong demand for church altarpieces and the decoration of palace ceilings resulted in a thriving artistic scene. Artists were employed by the nobility to produce paintings that glorified their ancestry. Religious paintings – in the form of heavenly visions – were commissioned for churches adopting a theatrical style, so that the viewer is transported visually into the realm of God.

It was customary for artists to prepare oil sketches, known as modelli, for presentation to their patrons before they started work on full-scale paintings. These modelli quickly became collectable items, recording in miniature the great altarpieces and ceilings that can still be admired in Venice today.

Paintings in this room

Pompeo Girolamo Batoni: 'Portrait of Richard Milles'
Portrait of Richard Milles
Pompeo Girolamo Batoni
Corrado Giaquinto: 'Moses striking the Rock'
Moses striking the Rock
Corrado Giaquinto
Corrado Giaquinto: 'The Brazen Serpent'
The Brazen Serpent
Corrado Giaquinto
Giovanni Paolo Panini: 'Roman Ruins with Figures'
Roman Ruins with Figures
Giovanni Paolo Panini
Sebastiano Ricci: 'Bacchus and Ariadne'
Bacchus and Ariadne
Sebastiano Ricci
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo: 'A Vision of the Trinity'
A Vision of the Trinity
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo: 'An Allegory with Venus and Time'
An Allegory with Venus and Time
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo: 'Four Saints'
Four Saints
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo: 'Saints Maximus and Oswald (?)'
Saints Maximus and Oswald (?)
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo: 'The Banquet of Cleopatra'
The Banquet of Cleopatra
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo: 'The Building of the Trojan Horse'
The Building of the Trojan Horse
Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo
Claude-Joseph Vernet: 'A Sea-Shore'
A Sea-Shore
Claude-Joseph Vernet