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In this online event, ‘Levitations’ explores how media artists and scientists are using technology to create transformative experiences for the future of humanity’s wellbeing.

Humans have pursued transformative experiences throughout our known history. However, only recently and mainly through psychotherapy and neuroscience research, there have been attempts to better understand the processes behind these experiences, investigating how we can create transformative experiences and what their effect is.

'Levitations' expands on the role that immersive art-tech experiences should have in our contemporary society in order to address the deepest of individual and societal needs. Asking, can media art experiences help us to “levitate” into a better future?

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Levitations: Transformative Media Art Experiences In Collaboration Wit...



  • Maria Almena, curator of ‘Levitations’ | Independent multidisciplinary artist, curator at Art in Flux, as well as performance curator at Breaking Convention and creative director at Kimatica Studio
  • Mendel Kaelen | Neuroscientist, and founder and CEO of Wavepaths
  • Rachael Wingfield | Founder and creative director of & Soma Lab
  • Kimatica studio | Kimatica studio explores the intersection between the human body, live performance and interactive technology to create immersive transformative experiences that seek to dissolve the boundaries between illusion and reality.
  • Natasha Trotman | Inclusive designer and researcher whose work focuses on mental difference and neurodiversity as a way to foster new conversations and approaches to the world around us
  • Luciana Haill | Fine artist, lecturer and consciousness researcher
  • Hosted by Ali Hossaini (Co-director, NGX), and Oliver Gingrich and Aphra Shemza (Artists and Curators, Art in Flux)

About Art in Flux

Founded in 2016 at Light of Soho gallery in London by the artists Maria Almena, Oliver Gingrich and Aphra Shemza, FLUX is a charitable organisation committed to furthering the development of the media arts community in the UK. As an artist-led forum, FLUX offers a space for collaboration and exchange as key artists and organisations come together to profile their work. Through talks, events, performance evenings, workshops and exhibitions, FLUX brings these ideas to the wider public - providing a fluid platform to discuss strategies, processes and collective themes within the media arts. FLUX is committed to the ever-changing needs of media artists working right now in the UK and will remain in a dynamic state of change in order to facilitate them.

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What is National Gallery X? 

Working in partnership with King's College London, we are setting out to create the sorts of new museum experiences technology could make possible in ten years' time. The challenge for NGX is to create these experiences today.

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