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Experience Pontormo's painting through the eyes of artist Celine Condorelli, our Artist in Residence. Find out why she has chosen this painting and why she finds it particularly pertinent to themes she's exploring at the Gallery.

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About the artist

Céline Condorelli is our Artist in Residence for 2023. Her work addresses the boundaries between public and private, art and function, work and leisure, in order to reimagine what culture and society can be, and the role of artists within them. From raw materials and extraction, to processes of industrialisation and labour, through to methods of display, reception and transmission, Condorelli’s installations closely communicate the methods and labour of their creation. Condorelli makes exhibitions and installations (also in public space), as well as books; she regularly teaches and is one of the founding directors of Eastside Projects, Birmingham. Recent exhibitions include 'After Work', Talbot Rice Gallery, and South London Gallery, UK (2022), 'Our Silver City 2094', Nottingham Contemporary, UK. She has was shortlisted for the Max Mara Art Prize for Women in 2017.

About the painting

Zoom in and learn more about Pontormo's Joseph with Jacob in Egypt

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