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Lorne Campbell

From ‘National Gallery Catalogues: The Sixteenth Century Netherlandish Paintings with French Paintings before 1600.

Publication notes

To coincide with the Jan Gossaert's Renaissance exhibition (2011), the full catalogue entry of Gossaert's Virgin and Child, taken from ‘The Sixteenth Century Netherlandish Paintings with French Paintings before 1600' by Lorne Campbell, was published on the Gallery website in advance of book publication. Find out more about the catalogues.

Lorne Campbell was George Beaumont Senior Research Curator at the National Gallery. He is the author of numerous publications including The Fifteenth Century Netherlandish Paintings in the new series of National Gallery Catalogues.

Jean Gossart, 'Virgin and Child', NG1888
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A note on names

Gossaert's name was in fact Jean Gossart, although the Dutch translation 'Jan Gossaert' gradually gained currency during the second half of the 19th century and became standard during the 20th century.

He is sometimes referred to as ‘van Mabuse’, from Maubeuge, where he was born in about 1478. Maubeuge was in the imperial county of Hainault, then part of the Burgundian Netherlands but now divided between Belgium and France. Always a French-speaking town, Maubeuge became part of France in 1678. 'Jean Gossart' is the spelling used within the text of this catalogue entry. At present 'Jan Gossaert' is used in other contexts on the website.


A text-only version of this catalogue entry:

Jean Gossart, 'Virgin and Child' – Lorne Campbell
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Lorne Campbell, ‘Jean Gossart, Virgin and Child’ published online 2011, from 'The Sixteenth Century Netherlandish Paintings with French Paintings before 1600', London.

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