The Virgin and Child with Saints

This work was painted for the high altar of the Oratory of the Conception, Ferrara (attached to the church of S. Francesco) and was probably commissioned by Carlo and Camillo Strozzi. A lunette of the Pietà (Ferrara, private collection) has been associated with it.

Narratives generally shown on the the lower edge of a large altarpiece, or 'predella', are here represented on the plinth of the throne. Unusually, they read from right to left, beginning with the Nativity and concluding with Christ among the Doctors. The Virgin was identified as the second Eve, through whom mankind would be saved, which is symbolised by the presence of Adam and Eve below her feet. The paintings beside the arch show the Sacrifice of Isaac and probably Esther before Ahaseurus. These Old Testament episodes were believed to foreshadow Christ's sacrifice and the exceptional purity of the Virgin.

Key facts

Artist dates
1460 - 1535
Full title
The Virgin and Child enthroned with Saint George (?) and Saint John the Baptist ('Pala Strozzi')
Date made
about 1498-1502
Medium and support
Oil on wood
247 x 163.8 cm
Acquisition credit
Bought, 1882
Inventory number
Location in Gallery