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Follow the careers of the Old Masters: in depth guides exploring the lives of some of the greatest artists at the National Gallery
Detail from Leonardo, 'The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne and Saint John the Baptist, about 1499-1500
Discover the story behind the most revered genius of the Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci
Detail from Rembrandt, 'Self Portrait at the Age of 34', 1640
Find out how Rembrandt's paintings tell us about the artist and the people close to him.
Detail from Raphael, 'The Madonna of the Pinks', about 1506-7
Follow the development of Raphael's painting under the influence of the great masters of the High Renaissance.
Detail from Rubens, 'The Judgement of Paris', about 1597-9
Trace Rubens's meteoric rise as a grand master painter from Antwerp to Italy and back again.

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