Portrait of a Young Man

This painting has in the past been described as a portrait of Raphael and the sitter does indeed resemble him. Recent examination suggests that the picture is an old one but the face is entirely repainted and the painting seems artificially aged. It also appears at one time to have been attributed to Raphael's associate, Timoteo Viti (1469 - 1523). The work may be Umbrian, and is probably of the very early 16th century. It was probably purchased by George Salting (at a high price) as a self portrait by Raphael.

Key facts

Artist dates
1483 - 1520
Full title
Portrait of a Young Man
Date made
early 16th and late 19th century
Medium and support
Oil on wood
26.6 x 21.6 cm
Acquisition credit
Salting Bequest, 1910
Inventory number
Location in Gallery