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Giovanni Battista Naldini, Lamentation of the Dead Christ

Key facts
Full title Lamentation of the Dead Christ
Artist Giovanni Battista Naldini
Artist dates about 1537 - 1591
Date made about 1572
Medium and support Oil on poplar
Dimensions 123.6 × 90.2 cm
Acquisition credit On loan from a private collection
Inventory number L1095
Location Not on display
Image copyright On loan from a private collection, © Private collection
Collection Main Collection
Lamentation of the Dead Christ
Giovanni Battista Naldini

This composition is related to an altarpiece in the Church of Santa Maria Novella, Florence, executed by Naldini in 1572. It may be a creative variant of it, made for a private patron, rather than simply a copy.

Naldini first trained with Pontormo, but was later influenced by the art of painters such as Andrea del Sarto and Giorgio Vasari.

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