Landscape with a Goatherd and Goats

This picture is related to the left-hand portion of a landscape-format drawing in the 'Liber Veritatis', no. 15 (London, British Museum) which is inscribed 'faict pour/monsre Roispiose/Roma' (Made for Monsieur Rospigliosi, Rome), a reference to Giulio Rospigliosi (1600 - 1669) who would become Pope Clement IX in 1667.

It has been claimed that Claude painted this picture out of doors, but this seems unlikely. This painting was a favourite of John Constable, who made a copy of it in 1823 (Sydney, Art Gallery of New South Wales).

This picture was presented by Sir George Beaumont in 1826.

Key facts

Artist dates
1604/5? - 1682
Full title
Landscape with a Goatherd and Goats
Date made
about 1636-7
Medium and support
Oil on canvas
52 x 42 cm
Acquisition credit
Presented by Sir George Beaumont, 1826
Inventory number
Location in Gallery