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'Picture in Focus': introduction

Use Titian's painting 'Diana and Actaeon' to stimulate work across the curriculum

Our 'Picture in Focus' painting, Titian's Diana and Actaeon, is packed full of themes to engage your students and kick start projects throughout the curriculum, from drama to geography.

As your class explores the painting through different subjects, it can lead to deeper learning, as students make connections between topics. Take advantage of our InSET training, e-resources and facilitated Gallery visits for your students.

Keep in touch

Tell us your plans for connecting with Picture in Focus. Send us an email and we'll send you a free poster of Titian's 'Diana and Actaeon'.

Teacher training

We offer InSET sessions on ‘How to make Old Masters new’ which can support the delivery of Picture in Focus in secondary schools.

InSET sessions can give teachers an art historical and thematic context to Titian's 'Diana and Actaeon' and are designed specifically for innovative cross-curricular learning in secondary schools.

InSET sessions last 1-3 hours

Arrange a school visit

Spark students’ creativity with a visit to the National Gallery to see Titian's masterpieces, including 'Diana and Actaeon' in the permanent collection. Gallery Educators will engage your students with an interactive session in the Gallery and draw on themes of your choice to support your delivery of the project.

Find out how to arrange a school visit

Online exhibition

Ten schools have been selected for an online exhibition of work focusing on the Picture in Focus project. View their work

Teachers' resources

  • Our teachers' notes will fill you in on the history and culture of Titian's era, the Renaissance. 
  • Our cross-curricular ideas will inspire you to collaborate with other teachers, making connections between subjects.
  • Our ready-made presentation can get you off to a flying start.

Interactive guide for students

Introduce your students to our interactive guide to 'Diana and Actaeon', which encourages them to learn independently.

What schools say:

Schools that have worked with Picture in Focus have had the following comments:

"It's a lot more interesting, we're exploring different things. I think we're a lot more focused on getting on with our work."
– Pupil, Hillview School for Girls, Tonbridge, Kent

"It's changed the way the class is learning, they feel they have more freedom. There's been good feedback from the other two departments involved because they haven't seen the class do anything of this nature before."
–Teacher, Ibstock Place School, Wandsworth, London

See school case studies 

Project evaluation

The 'Picture in Focus' pilot was evaluated by Cambridge University's Faculty of Education.

Read the evaluation report


See a list of project contributors and participants

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