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Booking request form


This form has multiple steps. Content of the current step is represented in main body of the page. In order to proceed to the next step you are required to input mandatory information for the current step. At any point before you submit the form you can go back to previous step. You can jump between steps using Form navigation.

Form information is organised into 3 sections:

  • Administrative information where you need to provide information about school and key contacts for the booking. This section has four steps.
  • Group information where for each group you need to provide specifics such as preferred dates of session, theme, student numbers. Your booking is initially for a single group, but at the end of Group information section for the current group you are asked if you would like to add more groups to your booking, which you can. Each group has 8 steps.
  • Review is the final step, where you can review all information you have inputted in the form and submit the booking request.

Form step 1 Select type of school

Form step 2 School details

Search and select school

This information comes from the Government's register of schools. Information in the register is provided by and can be updated by schools via their DfE Sign-in account. We refresh this information periodically, so recent changes to the register may not immediately appear on our website.

Or enter manually

Providing the URN (your school's unique identifier in the Government's register) helps us as we refer to this information when analysing our reach.

Form step 3 Your contact details

Form step 4 Finance contact details

Group X
Step 1 Please select the Key Stage for Group X. Currently selected: None

Group X step 2Choose a theme for your workshop to proceed to next step

Themes on offer are suited to particular age group. Please go back to step 1 of group booking and choose the key stage of the group in order to see available themes.

Group X step 3 First date preference

Please choose your first preferred date. Currently selected None
1st preference Selected None
2nd preference Selected None

Group X step 4 Second date preference

Please choose your second preferred date. Currently selected None
1st preference Selected None
2nd preference Selected None

Group X step 5 SEND students

Do you have SEND students in your group?

Group X step 6Group size

Please enter the number of students in your group.
Total number of students

Group X step 7 Group lead contact details

Group X lead contact details

Booking form: Add another group in booking

Would you like to add another group?

Review form and submit

1. School type

2. School details

3. Your contact details

4. Finance contact details

Group X details

1. Key stage

2. Theme

3. Date preference 1

4. Date preference 2

5. SEND students

6. Group size

7. Group lead contact details

8. Any other information

Thank you

Your unique reference number is:

Thank you for submitting a booking request for a workshop at the National Gallery.

We will carefully review the details and email you within the next five working days.

If the date and time slot options you provided are available, we will book the session for you as soon as possible. Once the booking is processed, you and the group leaders will receive a confirmation email.

If none of the options are available, we will get in touch with you about finding some alternatives, so please make sure you do not book transportation until your request has been confirmed.

Should you have any questions in the meantime, please email us at, quoting your unique reference number.


Kind regards,
School Bookings Team
The National Gallery