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Take One Picture 2024

1 August - 1 September 2024

Free Festival of Art on Trafalgar Square

As part of our annual Take One Picture programme, primary school children from across the UK have made works inspired by Henri Rousseau’s 'Surprised!'

The painting shows a tiger in a jungle storm, crouching low in long grass as rain lashes the foliage and lightning flashes overhead – but who or what is surprised?

Children have made a wide range of works in response to the painting. Some were fascinated by the tiger, leading to projects about camouflage and animal eyes. Others focused on the plants, inspiring them to research and recreate rainforest foliage. Many children were concerned about habitat loss affecting tigers, which inspired them to use recycled materials and raise money for conservation charities.

This year’s exhibition is part of the Gallery’s Free Festival of Art outside on Trafalgar Square, where you can also take part in creative activities inspired by Rousseau’s Surprised! and the children’s projects.

Artwork by children aged 3–11 from Cedar Road Primary School and Wembrook Primary School

Ticket prices

Part of the Free Festival of Art on Trafalgar Square, no tickets required. 

Shorten any potential queuing and book a free Gallery entry ticket to explore the National Gallery and see Rousseau's 'Surprised!'.

Take One Picture is generously supported by Columbia Threadneedle Foundation

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With additional support from the John Armitage Charitable Trust


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