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Every year, as part of our Take One Picture programme, we invite primary schools nationwide to focus on one of our paintings and respond creatively to its themes and subject matter, historical context, or composition. 

For the 2021 exhibition, schools responded to Uccello's 'The Battle of San Romano'.

The Battle of San Romano 

The painting shows a key moment in the Florentine victory at San Romano in 1432, with the commander Niccolò da Tolentino leading a cavalry charge and wearing a magnificent red and gold hat. Uccello’s painting was chosen for the cross-curricular themes and subjects which can be explored: from conflict and battles, to pattern, perspective and Renaissance Italy.

Children's works 

Featuring works by children from 30 different primary schools, the exhibition showcases the richness of children's creative responses – from armoured beasts and shining shields to plumed helmets and printed flowers.

Download the PDF of works in the exhibition including full descriptions about each work.

Visit the exhibition 

The children's works are on display until 12 September 2021 in the Take One Picture exhibition in the Sunley Room. Book your free Gallery entry ticket for admission. 

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