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Zanobi Strozzi

1412 - 1468

Zanobi Strozzi came from a wealthy Florentine family. He was a close follower of Fra Angelico; according to Vasari he was Angelico's pupil, although there is no documented contact. He is documented mainly as a manuscript illuminator, but he was also a painter of panels. His work is often confused with that of Domenico di Michelino and the Master of the Buckingham Palace Madonna.

The only surviving signed panel painting is the 'Annunciation' in the National Gallery which bears a concealed signature. Documented panel paintings include a lost altarpiece in the Chapel of St Agnes in Sant'Egidio (Santa Maria Nuova), Florence, and a funerary cross for San Marco, Florence. 'A Virgin and Child with Angels' (Florence, Museo di San Marco) and an 'Annunciation' (Philadelphia, Johnson Collection) are also attributed to him. He died in 1468 and was buried in Santa Maria Novella.