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Ugolino di Nerio

documented 1317-27; died possibly 1329

Ugolino is documented in Siena in 1325 and 1327. The style of his work suggests that he was possibly trained, or at least heavily influenced, by Duccio, the most important Sienese artist of the 14th century. Ugolino's major work was the altarpiece for the church of Santa Croce in Florence. All of the National Gallery's panels are from this dismembered polyptych.

Ugolino created a more expressive interpretation of Duccio's work, using a novel range of colours. In spite of his Sienese roots, it seems that most of his important work was done in Florence. In addition to the Franciscan Santa Croce altarpiece, he also worked on an altarpiece for the Dominican church of Santa Maria Novella.