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Palma Vecchio

about 1480 - 1528

Palma Vecchio, whose original name was Iacomo Negreti, was a 16th-century Venetian painter. Nothing is known of his training. Stylistically his work owes a considerable debt to bothTitian and Giorgione. 'A Blonde Woman' is related to Titian's famous picture of Flora in the Uffizi, Florence.

Palma Vecchio came from the Bergamo area. He was first mentioned in 1510 in Venice, the city where he apparently worked for the rest of his life. Vasari said that he died at the age of 48 which would mean that he was born in about 1480. He is best known for two domestic types of painting he developed - the sacra conversazione in horizontal format and set in an extensive landscape, and the half-length pseudo-portraits of beautiful women.