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Lucas van Leyden

active 1508; died 1533

Lucas van Leyden was one of the most important Netherlandish artists of the early 16th century, along with Gossaert and Massys. A painter and stained-glass designer, Lucas was also celebrated widely throughout Europe for his woodcuts and engravings. These influenced Italian artists such as Pontormo.

According to Van Mander, Lucas van Leyden was a precocious student. He was trained in Leiden by his father and by Cornelis Engelbrechtz. The origins of Lucas's work in Leiden are obscure, but Albrecht Dürer was an important influence, and the two artists met in Antwerp in 1521 during Dürer's Netherlandish journey. After 1520 there are more datable paintings by him, including the 'Last Judgement' triptych commissioned in 1526, a Bosch-like vision that contains figures of Italian derivation.