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Jan van de Cappelle

1626 - 1679

Van de Cappelle was one of the leading marine painters of 17th-century Holland. He was born in Amsterdam, the son of a wealthy dyer. His output consists mainly of estuary, river and calm water scenes; he also produced about forty winter landscapes. He is said to have been self-taught, and was influenced by the work of Simon de Vlieger who spent his last years at Weesp, near Amsterdam.

In 1653 van de Cappelle acquired Amsterdam citizenship and he bought a house there in 1661. From 1663 he may have devoted his energies largely to commerce. Van de Cappelle amassed a large art collection, including sixteen paintings by Jan Porcellis, a pioneering seascape painter of the early 17th century, and nine by de Vlieger, as well as many of his drawings; Rembrandt and Avercamp were also represented in his Collection by large numbers of drawings.