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Henri-Pierre Danloux

1753 - 1809

The 18th-century artist Henri-Pierre Danloux worked mainly as a portraitist. After studying with the genre painter Nicolas-Bernard Lépicié, he joined the studio of the history painter Joseph-Marie Vien. In 1775 he followed Vien to Rome where he worked for 10 years before returning to Paris. In 1789 he was commissioned to make portraits of the French royal family and in 1791 he exhibited at the Paris Salon. A committed royalist, Danloux emigrated to London in 1792 to escape the French Revolution. There he painted some British patrons, but most of his London sitters were French émigrés. He returned to Paris in 1801. Danloux's elegant style ensured him a substantial following in the aristocratic circles of Paris, Rome and London.