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Emanuel de Witte

1615/17 - 1691/2

De Witte was a specialist in the painting of church interiors, both real and imaginary. These form the major part of his work, and demonstrate his knowledge of linear perspective. After 1650 he painted some domestic interiors and fanciful pictures of harbours, as well as market scenes.

De Witte was born at Alkmaar, and in 1636 became a member of the guild of painters there. After a brief period in Rotterdam, he moved to Delft in the 1640s. His earliest works are figure paintings in the style of artists from Utrecht; he was later influenced by Gerrit Houckgeest, Hendrick van Vliet, Carel Fabritius and other Delft painters. From 1652 he was chiefly active at Amsterdam. His last dated work is of 1688.