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Ambrogio Bergognone

active 1481; died 1523?

Ambrogio di Stefano da Fossano was called Bergognone (or Borgognone). 'Da Fossano' might imply that he was originally from Fossano in Piedmont. The first reference to him establishes that he was in Milan by 1471.

He subsequently worked in the Certosa di Pavia, a new Carthusian monastery patronised by the Duke of Milan which provided much work for painters and sculptors. From 1488 to 1491 Bergognone worked on numerous frescoes and altarpieces there, including the Gallery's 'Virgin and Child with Saints'.

Bergognone's style derives chiefly from Vincenzo Foppa, whose art he would have encountered in Milan. Like Foppa, but unlike most Milanese painters, Bergognone remained comparatively uninfluenced by the work of Leonardo da Vinci.