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Shared paintings

Jointly owned paintings

The following paintings are jointly owned by the National Gallery and other UK museums. The pictures are shown in rotation between the galleries.

National Museum and Gallery, Cardiff

University of Birmingham, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts

National Galleries of Scotland


Pictures on long-term loan in the UK

Bristol's City Museum and Art Gallery

These two panels are side wings for the central panel of the 'Virgin and Child with Saint Joseph, and angel and donor identified as Paul Withypoll'. The central panel belongs to Bristol's City Museum and Art Gallery. The Gallery's two panels have been lent so that the altarpiece can be shown in its entirety.

Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

The National Gallery piece is the central panel of a triptych formerly in the church of St Columba, Cologne. The shutters depicting 'Christ before Pilate' and 'The Lamentation' belong to the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. It was agreed that the triptych should be shown in its entirety.

Previously the National Gallery has lent its panel to Liverpool, however currently the Walker Art Gallery has lent its two panels to the National Gallery, and the triptych is on display in London. 

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