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Borrowing from the National Gallery: A Guide

Procedure for borrowing

Initial Enquiries
If you would like to informally discuss the possibility of UK loans from the National Gallery, please contact the Jacob Rothschild Head of the Curatorial Department, Christine Riding:

Making a formal request
All formal requests for the loan of specific works should be made, in writing, to the Director of the National Gallery, Gabriele Finaldi. You should submit a completed UKRG Facilities Report [PDF], UKRG Security Supplement [PDF] and continuous environmental readings for the same period as the loan in the previous year. The AAM Standard Facilities Report [PDF] is also acceptable in place of the above documents.
Loan requests must be made as early as possible but no later than 6 months for UK venues. This ensures that there is time for the request to be presented to the Board of Trustees and, where a loan request is agreed, we have sufficient time to make the necessary checks on the facilities and capacity of the borrower to borrow the work(s) safely. 

We also require ample notice to ensure that we have time to plan and deliver the many aspects of loans involving our own staff, such as the decision making process itself, object preparation work and re-hangs of our own galleries.

If a request is agreed our Registrar's department will look after the administration of the loan and will be in contact with the exhibition organiser to put in place the arrangements for the loan contract, indemnity/insurance, transport, courier and display arrangements. 

All loans must comply with our standard conditions of loan (see summary here).