The National Gallery has a number of objectives laid out under its constitution to study, enhance and care for the collection.

Care for the collection

  • Keep the pictures in the nation's collection safe for future generations by maintaining a safe and appropriate environment for them, monitoring their condition regularly, and undertaking suitable restoration or conservation
  • Do everything possible to secure the pictures from fire, theft and other hazards
  • Do everything possible to ensure that pictures loaned out are in sound enough condition to travel and then travel safely 

Enhance the collection

  • Acquire great pictures across the whole range of Western European painting and its tradition to maintain and enhance the collection now and for future generations

Study the collection

  • Encourage all aspects of scholarship on the collection, developing research into, and documentation of, the pictures and maintaining a leading national and international role in the study of Western European painting, while ensuring that this work is disseminated
  • Access to the collection for the education and enjoyment of the widest possible public
  • Allow the public to use the collection as their own by maintaining free admission, during the most convenient possible hours, to as much as possible of the permanent collection
  • Display the pictures well
  • Help the widest possible public both in the Gallery and beyond to understand and enjoy the paintings, taking advantage of opportunities created by modern technology
  • Offer the highest possible standards in services for visitors
  • A national and international leader in all its activities
  • Work with other regional museums and galleries in the United Kingdom

Read about the role of the National Gallery or view an overview of the constitution.

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