Of the saints, only Francis of Assisi (about 1181 - 1226) can be identified with certainty; he is the figure standing far left.

The female martyr may be Saint Agnes or Saint Lucy. The kneeling priest to the right is in type similar to many depictions of Saint Philip Neri, a 17th century Dominican saint. The pope on the right is also probably a saint, but is not securely identified.

This is probably an independant sketch and does not appear to be related to any known Tiepolo altarpiece. It was probably painted in about 1735. The group of the Virgin and Child with Angels is repeated in a picture of 'The Virgin and Child appearing to Saint Catherine of Siena' (Cremona, Pinacoteca).

Key facts

Artist dates
1696 - 1770
Full title
The Virgin and Child appearing to a Group of Saints
Date made
about 1735
Medium and support
Oil on canvas
52.7 x 31.8 cm
Acquisition credit
Salting Bequest, 1910
Inventory number
Location in Gallery