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Duccio: 'Jesus opens the Eyes of a Man born Blind'
This painting is part of the group: Maestà Predella Panels
Christ is made the compositional centre of the scene and the blind man is shown twice: first having his eyes touched, and then at the moment his sight is miraculouslty restored. The two episodes are linked visually by the blind man's stick.

This was one of the scenes on the back predella of Duccio's 'Maestà'. The back predella illustrated scenes from Christ's life and ministry. This panel was originally immediately to the left of 'The Transfiguration', hence the blind man appeared to look with his newly restored sight at a vision of Christ transfigured. Another panel from the 'Maestà' is in the collection: 'The Annunciation'.

The figures and the architecture were probably painted by different artists from Duccio's workshop. The face of the blindman at the fountain was damaged in the past and is a modern restoration.

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