A Wool-Carder

1880, Camille Pissarro

On loan from Tate: Presented by Lucien Pissarro, the artist's son 1933, © 2000 Tate
This painting was first exhibited at the fifth Impressionist exhibition in 1880 as 'The Goose Girl (Mayenne)'. Mayenne is in north-west France, an area Pissarro often visited to see his friend Ludovic Piette, who lived at Montfoucault. Piette died in 1878, and by 1880 Pissarro was living at Pontoise, north-west of Paris, but he continued to visit the area and paint its inhabitants.

The picture is painted on cement and is very fragile. It had been broken and restored twice before being presented to the Tate as a safeguard against further damage.

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